Meet the Harbormaster

Cape Harbour’s General Manager, Frank Muto, has been at Cape Harbor since 2001, when the marina was first being built. This was followed by the Dry Storage building and the many condos, shops and restaurants. Frank has been called “the Face” of Cape Harbour. Frank came from an entirely different background than the marine industry. He served 3 years aboard ship in the US Navy followed by a 23 year career as a Pennsylvania State Police Officer, retiring in 1990. He then owned and operated a Private Investigation service until 2000 when he and his wife, Debra, moved to Cape Coral. He started his Cape Harbor Marina career as a dock hand while the marina and dry storage were under construction. Then in 2002, he was offered the Marina Manager position. Frank knows all aspects of Cape Harbor and is always happy to share his knowledge with prospective customers. He believes in (/hands on”, “one on one” meetings with new an old customers. He tries to make himself available 24/7. If not in person his phone in always on. His pride in the facility shows through. Frank’s number one concerns are customer service and safety. Frank says:” I believe that when people are fortunate enough to make time for boating during their busy lives, we should strive to make their experience a pleasurable time. Help them make memories that last a lifetime. Frank and his staff are always willing to help. He has been fortunate enough to have two of the best forklift operators in south-west Florida. They are not only Safety conscious but take great pride in going the ‘extra mile” to accommodate the needs and concerns of our patrons. Frank says;” I walk around and watch the faces of people who come to the property. They are amazed by the beauty of the facility. We always try to have them leave feeling glad that they stopped in.


 Frank Muto | Harbormaster

Phone: (239) 945-4330